made by hand in Los Angeles

with genuine USA made dynamic rock climbing rope

Rock Dog is.....

Rock Dog produces the toughest and most beautiful rock climbing rope dog leashes around.  All Rock Dog products are hand made with love in the heart of Los Angeles. Rock Dog's rock climbing rope dog leashes are made with post-consumer and pre-consumer up-cycled heavy duty rock climbing rope, so not only are ROCK DOG leashes good for you and your furry buddy but great for the earth as well. Rock Dog strives to make the highest quality products available using solid brass clips and rings that will never rust.  ROCK DOG'S rock climbing rope dog leashes will last you a lifetime. Rock Dog designs are inspired by our love for being active and the great outdoors. There is no tougher or more durable material to make a dog leash out of than rock climbing rope, these rock climbing ropes are made to grind against rocks day in and day out and still save your life. We use dynamic rock climbing rope that has a slight amount of stretch to it which works well to absorb shock when your pup pulls. Whether you are walking down the street to the dog park, on a stroll in your neighborhood hills or hiking up Mt. Whitney, ROCK DOG rock climbing rope leashes are always the strongest, most earth-friendlyand best looking leashes for you. 

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