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recycled rock climbing rope dog leash Rock Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Rock Dog produces the toughest and most beautiful rock climbing rope dog leashes around.  All Rock Dog products are hand made with love in the heart of Los Angeles. Rock Dog's rock climbing rope dog leashes are made with post-consumer and pre-consumer up-cycled heavy duty rock climbing rope, so not only are ROCK DOG leashes good for you and your furry buddy but great for the earth as well. Rock Dog strives to make the highest quality products available using solid brass clips and rings that will never rust.  ROCK DOG'S rock climbing rope dog leashes will last you a lifetime. Rock Dog designs are inspired by our love for being active and the great outdoors. There is no tougher or more durable material to make a dog leash out of than rock climbing rope, these rock climbing ropes are made to grind against rocks day in and day out and still save your life. We use dynamic rock climbing rope that has a slight amount of stretch to it which works well to absorb shock when your pup pulls. Whether you are walking down the street to the dog park, on a stroll in your neighborhood hills or hiking up Mt. Whitney, ROCK DOG rock climbing rope leashes are always the strongest, most earth-friendly and best looking leashes for you. 

The idea for Rock Dog started in Denver Colorado. In Denver I realized that my dog Noah needed a much stronger leash than your average leather or webbing leash. I decided to use the toughest material around, REAL rock climbing rope. Both Noah and I loved the leash and were asked to make more for friends, until one day a few people said I should start selling these leashes. So now with my Pitbull Mix NOAH whom is head of Research and Development we create the toughest and some of the most eco friendly dog leashes and toys in LA


Rock Dog produces tough recycled dog leashes and tug toys all made in the heart of Los Angeles.


Why Rock Dog? First and foremost we create quality products made with attention to detail and love, made by hand. All of our products are created using up-cycled rock climbing rope.


While Rock Dog leads and tugs are eco-friendly, they are also tough and durable. Safety is our top priority. Rock Dog products are made with dynamic rock climbing rope. Dynamic ropes are the same ropes used by rock climbers, police, military, and rescue agencies around the world. Even though Rock Dog rope is recycled, it is still significantly stronger and more durable than any other leash and tug toy material on the market today. You will find Rock Dog products to be eco-friendly, durable, beautiful, and fun.


Why not leather or other common materials? Leather can deteriorate and become less reliable if not properly maintained. Leather tends to dry and crack and will need to be replaced, and this is costly. Polypropylene is great for the water, but wears easily. When this material wears, it can become abrasive to both owner and pet. 


Unlike many other leashes Rock Dog uses solid brass clips and rings that will never rust.


Rock Dog uses climbing rope made of polyester and nylon. This type of material repels water and can last for decades and does not require any maintenance. These ropes have an outer braided jacket that protects the inner core from wear and tear.




        Top quality products on the market, made by hand

        Sustainable design, using up-cycled and recycled materials, creating a small                 footprint on our ecosystem

        Durable, using dynamic rock climbing rope, great for the toughest dog

        Long-lasting, outer braided jacket protects the inner core from abrasion & outer             coating repels water

        Safe, long-lasting materials used by military, law enforcement, and rescue                   organizations

        Variety, products come in various colors and design

        Solid brass clips and rings never rust



Matthew Garcia, Owner

Noah the pit mix, Research and Development, no contact info because I only speak dog

Garcia Family, Support Team and Free Labor

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